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Some people see
things as they are and
say, Why? I dream things
that never were and say,
Why not?
- Robert F. Kennedy

What is Your Extraordinary Life?

Stand outside the ordinary to achieve
a quantum leap in

Dramatically shift your quality of life, including
 enjoyment, health, and impact on the world.

Fully harness your unique talents
and empower others.

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Enroll in the Journey that starts July 30, 2014

Breakthrough:  $1495 (save $700) 

Journey: $2495 (save $995)

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Freedom Pass

A continuing education membership that allows graduates access to our weekend workshops and exclusive monthly group coaching calls with Master trainers for a nominal monthly subscription fee.   Register Now!  Learn More

Practical Mastery
A quick Transformational Tune-up

Are you smarter than a Pig?

Practical Mastery is a two-day workshop where you can learn mastery practices to optimize your focus, connection, and flow in the moment. Create a space of clarity within yourself so that you can be a clean space for people. Enroll if you have or have not done the Masters Course.  When: May 31 - June 1 (Saturday - Sunday) Who: LP and SLPs.  Cost: $395, No Cost for Freedom Pass Members.  Enroll or call 919-678-6000.

A special Gift to Graduates!  To appreciate you for being a stand in the world, we are offering this tune-up for only $99.

Warrior Within
Intense Risky Challenging Uncertain
Think you’re a leader?
Think you’re a team player?
Think you’re a person of honor?
Think again.

If you want to know what you are really made of, and access your Inner Warrior at a deep level this is your chance.  Tap into the best of you every day Have your Warrior Spirit extend into all aspects of your life.  When:  July 25 - 27 (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday)Tuition:  $495  Who:  Breakthrough II.   Enroll or call.  919-678-6000.   

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  Hear from graduates about what they have accomplished.  Learn about what we stand for and how our trainings work.
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Since I completed the Legacy Center Journey in 2005 I have written three books; two with Simon & Schuster and the last one with John Wiley & Sons. "The Rice Diet Renewal" was sold and completed within two months of completing the Legacy Center Journey and became a NY Times bestseller within four months of its' release! Thank you for helping me heal my previously held scarcity belief system, and too often quoted mantra, that "I knew I am suppose to write this book... but I just don't have time!" I never say this anymore. Blessings on you and the many who you assist in actualizing their true purpose.
Kitty Rosati
Nutrition Director
Rice Diet Program

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