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Beyond Leadership

LP PhD Program

LP PhD is an upper level six-month Leadership Program for people who have completed LP.  The goal of LP PhD is for you to develop proficiency in leadership, coaching, facilitation, and training.  The program culminates with you designing and leading your own transformational-based training, during which you must demonstrate the ability to empower individuals and groups.  More.  LP PHD Trainings.

New!  VIA A three-month SLP only Program

What are you “up to” that is driving your life?
How do you want to be in relationship to others?
What is the difference that you are here to make?
How can I live my life on purpose and achieve my most important goals?
How can I integrate my transformation into every area of my life?
VIA (Vision In Action) is an 3-month journey to get to the true nature of who you can be and swing way out into every area of your life.  More

Staffing Opportunities

If you have successfully completed the Leadership Program, you are eligible to apply to staff the workshops and be a small group leader and coach.  Staffing enables you to continue your journey of personal transformation and contribute to others by making a profound difference in their lives.  Through staffing you bring your coaching and leadership skills to new heights and operate in a context of responsibility, commitment, contribution and teamwork. Contact the office to apply to staff a workshop.




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