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The Art of Thinking on Your Feet

Love being put “on the spot”
Be confident and cool in the spotlight
Stay powerful and effective under pressure

Give the perfect response right in the moment
Spontaneously speak with power and inspiration
Be flexible and creative so you never “freeze” again

Public Speaking Graduates - This is Level 2 for You!
When:  June 12- 13, 2016
Tuition:  $495 (No Cost to Freedom Pass Members)
Who:   Graduates of Transformation
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What is your impossible dream?

  The year of the Monkey!

The Journey starts June 9, 2016

Full Price Tuition: 
The Journey (Breakthrough and Leadership):  $3290

Breakthrough:  $2195

Special Year of the Monkey Scholarship:

Breakthrough:  $1495 (saves $700) 

Journey: $2495 (saves $795)

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Freedom Pass

A continuing education membership that allows graduates access to our weekend workshops for a nominal monthly subscription fee.   Register Now!  Learn More

NEW – A 30 minute Guest Information Call

A Quick and Easy way for you to learn about Legacy Center!  Hear from graduates about what they have accomplished.  Learn about what we stand for and how our trainings work.

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